Duck Wrapped Sweet Potato Twists made in the USA

Bone Bons Dog Treats

$ 17.99

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4oz bag.  Originally an exclusive flavor for our treat club, these Duck Wrapped Sweet Potato Twists have been a huge hit so we've added them to our product list.  Sliced duck is truly a delicacy, especially for smaller dogs.  It is also a good choice for dogs with bowel disorders or skin problems. 

Our duck is certified as All-Natural by the USDA with no growth hormones, antibiotics or genetic tampering that alters the breed.  Fresh Duck - Farm To Table.  The duck we use is harvested in the morning and shipped fresh to our facility.  We trim any remaining fat and slow cook it to perfection as soon as it arrives. 

We add no fillers or ingredients of any kind to add weight to our product. Unlike some jerky treats, we don't grind and reshape our treats, including inedible parts; we just slice the meat, remove the fat and dehydrate.  Our product is what it looks and smells like - no mystery meat!

Ingredients:  Duck Breast and Organic Sweet Potato

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