Holiday Sampler Grain Free

Bone Bons Dog Treats

$ 12.99 $ 24.99

Show your dog some love with a Bone Bons Box of Doggie Truffles.  Elegant and indulgent, each piece in this collection is handcrafted with care using custom blended peanut butter, dog friendly spices and high quality organic carob.    Grain Free - 12 pieces box.    polka dotted window box is 4" square  Great Gift for Small Dogs

All Organic Ingredients:  garbanzo, coconut and black bean flours, fresh roasted sweet potato or pumpkin, baby carrots, flax seed, chia seed, hemp seed, anise seed, fresh mint, peanuts, almonds, ceylon cinnamon, turmeric, honey, extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, carob, yogurt, fruit vegetable and spice coloring

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