Bone Bons Dog Treats

$ 12.99

What does your doggie fancy today?  Reward that unconditional love with something special and nutritious too!  1/2 Dozen Grain- Free Gourmet Frosted Treats. (photos are samples - please let us know if you have a request for a particular shape or color.  Custom orders may take longer to ship)

Most frosted dog treats contain wheat flour, corn syrup, sugar and/or shortening - none of which are good for dogs.  Our cookies are grain free and we use no sugar, shortening or oil in the frosting so they're not only cute but healthy too!

All Organic Ingredients:  garbanzo, coconut and black bean flours, carob, peanuts, fresh roasted pumpkin or sweet potato, flax seed, chia seed, hemp seed, ceylon cinnamon, turmeric, honey, extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, frosting: yogurt, carob,  tapioca, egg whites, pectin, guar gum, fruit, vegetable and spice natural coloring.

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